Sunday, 10 November 2013 18:47

Charity as the saying goes begins at home. And the sooner the officials of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation come to terms with that fact the better.


Malaysia failed in its bid to land the 2018 World Cup. And many may not be aware but it was not just the World Cup the MHC failed to win, but also another two important tournaments – the 2015 Semi Final of the World League in 2015 and the 2016 Junior World Cup.


The World League semis would have been the platform to qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janerio Olympics. And it may have also missed many a hockey writer or fan, that the next Junior World Cup was initially scheduled for 2017 but the International Hockey Federation has since moved it to 2016.


We lost to India in all the bids, but a deeper look will reveal that FIH were not fair, as it was supposed to be bids by events, however the sentiment of FIH has always been favouring India, thus goalposts were shifted to ensure that favourd child got the best section of the roast lamb.


Many have even suggested that FIH move their headquarters from Lausanne to New Delhi since all major events are going to be held there.


For MHC, it is a lesson to be learnt and for proper action to be initiated so that we will no longer have to bid for tournaments but spend the time, money and effort towards improving the hockey standards in the country.


There is just too much of back biting, rumour mongering, bitching, clique system and in simple words too much politics in hockey. This has to stop and decisions need to be made at the boardroom and not because some likes or hates someone.


The time has come for a hard look at the Malaysian hockey League, to make it as good if not better then the Hockey India League. If they can get corporate giants to help, so can we. It takes effort, a huge effort but above all it requires teamwork for no amount of “I” can get it happen.


Just take a hard look at the domestic calendar and there is no other word to describe it but shambles.


The National Under 21 tournament for both men and women has yet to be held as Negri Sembilan, the initial hosts pulled out due to unavailability of proper facilities, in this case the excuse cited was no proper hotels in Kuala Pilah which now boasts of an artificial pitch.


But weren’t they to do their homework first before making a bid for the tournament.


So it is supposed to be moved to Kuala Lumpur with MHC organizing it. However word has it that it will be scrapped as MHC does not have the money needed to organize the tournament.


That is baffling as the organisors are given RM35,000 for hosting an event. So if MHC cannot manage with the paltry sum to hold the event, how does one expect the states to do it?


Even more baffling is the 1MAS Program which last reported had some 20 centres in the country. A year ago the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah announced that there would be one centre for each of the 45 artificial pitches in the country. So where is the promise, or merely words spoken at a seminar?


Administratively MHC are poor to say the latest. A year has passed when it was revealed by the President his intention of strengthening the administrative structure of MHC.


The position of a Chief Executive Officer, Development Director, Competitions Director, administrative Director and National Team Director was created. And it was clearly writtin on the wall “Jangan cakap banyak, buat kerja” by the President.


Well, it surely has now changed to “ jangan kerja, cakap banyak.”

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