Friday, 08 November 2013 19:42

A prophecy has been disturbed by the International Hockey Federation in naming India as the host of the 2018 World Cup.

A look at history will reveal that Malaysia always play host after the World Cup is hosted by Holland.

It happened in 1975 when Kuala Lumpur played host for the first time after  Amstelveen had played host in 1973.

And in 2002 it was Kuala Lumpur again in 2002 after Utrecht had hosted the 1998 event.

With The Hague hosting the 2014 edition, all indications were that Malaysia were the perfect hosts for an expanded field of 16 countries for the World Cup.

But there were shattered faces amongst the handful Malaysians present at Lausanne when the announcement was made by FIH.

For one person, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ah,ad Shah, it was a learning curve as it was only a year ago that he was on a high having secured a seat on the FIH Executive Board.

And 12 months later his grand plans to bring the World Cup yet again was met with a devastating announcement for Malaysia was so confident of winning their bid, even 30 minutes before the announcement was made.

It is reported that Malaysia put in a strong financial bid, something to the range of RM14 million but India pledged more to FIH, and whose only consideration must have been the finance that they could get to boost their bank balances.

Malaysia lost out on all the three bids they fought for 0 the 2018 World Cup, 2017 Junior World Cup and the 2015 World league.

How FIH can award the Junior World Cup to the same country consecutively is unimaginable but when one deals with FIH, as Tengku Abdullah and his charges would have learnt, impossible is nothing, not just literally but in reality.

Now Malaysia should have realised that they ere being taken for aride by some parties, promising them fools gold and falling for the trick. But its pointless crying over spilled milk.

Even some quarters from India smell a rotten fish but with masters at work,its probably better to have a Blacklist in hockey. After all the MHC President has my name on it, so putting a few more there will at least keep me company so as to speak.

More on this in The Malay mail on Monday......


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