Wednesday, 26 March 2014 18:20

It was downright funny yet ridicolous watching the prize presentation ceremony of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup last Sunday.


An SMS was dispatched to MHC Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad asking him if there were changes in the structure as Azmi and another Senior VP Dr. Shamala Subramaniam were seated in the second row, with the paid Secretary of MHC in the front row with the VVIP's.


Such a thing should never have happened and if one traces back the roles of the past Secretaries, right from when I can remember, Dato G. Vijaynathan, K. Indran, S. Prempalam, S. Satgunam, T. Paramalingam, Hashim Mohd Yusof and Maninderjit Singh, such a situation never arose as they always placed elected office bearers at the forefront.


One could blame the protocol section and whoever, but the buck stops with the administrators of hockey - those paid staff should know where their place is.


If one wants to assume the role of the office bearers, then just wait till the AGM and contest the position, not pull the rug beneath them.


Whatever said and done, Azmi, to be fair does his fair share of running around and was the most senior MHC official present at the final, and should have, or rather must be given the due recognition he deserves. Respect his position as he won fair and square at the AGM.


It is clear that Perak HA has no regard towards protocol and such an action shows that maybe there was a hidden agenda with the MHC elections coming soon


By the way, a word of advice to the Secretary,going by records, your term comes to an end on April 8 and you have been passing remarks that no one talks to me these days. oh well lets see when the crown that your wear so proudly on your head is taken off, will you be as "popular" as you claim you are?


Be god fearing please if you understand what life is, or you can behave like the goon who goes around threatening people who will soon get his just reward.

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