Monday, 04 November 2013 15:55

Despite losing their opening two matches in the Asian Champions Trophy, Indian skipper Manpreet Singh views it as a learning curve and is confident that his team can only get better.

India, fielding their junior side, lost 2-0 against china on Saturday before a 2-1 defeat at the hands of host Japan at Kakamigahar on Sunday.

But Manpreet is not pressing the panic button as their goal is to gain experience for the bigger event – the Junior World cup in New delhi from December 6-15.

“For most them it's a first senior tournament so a bit shaky performance is expected,” said Manpreet to Hockey Asia.

“But overall it's a good experience for them, we as team learn from the mistakes and can only get better.

“I believe we will develop and adjust accordingly for the next match tomorrow aganst Oman.”

Manpreet dispelled the notions that the defeats will affect the morale of the team heading into the final stages of preparation before the Junior World Cup.

“Our confidence will not be affected at all for the Junior World Cup and really we need these matches for exposure and experience for the majority of the players,” added Manpreet. 

“It is new enviroment for most, especially in defence and attack at senior level and most of them have started adapting well towards the end of the second match.”

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